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Bitstarz Review

Have you ever been to a casino that offers free spins without creating an account? If not, then welcome to Bitstarz casino. It is not like any other ordinary Bitcoin casino but has taken care of the customers exceptionally well. Bitstarz is today one of the most successful online casinos. It is because of its collaboration with SoftSwiss, one of the best manufacturers of gaming software. Due to its association with this software giant, Bitstarz is easily able to offer games that use Bitcoins. This gaming giant is based in the two countries of Curacao and Belarus.

Let’s know more about the Bitstarz casino. This detailed review will help you know why you should play there?

Is Bitstarz casino legit?

This comprehensive review will help you with all information about Bitstarz. Bitcoin casino has a license in Curacao. The same laws are applicable to a large majority of Bitcoin casinos. Bitstarz has been able to offer its services in European countries because of this license. Curacao jurisdiction checks all the licensing requirements to provide a gambling license to someone. The documents required to obtain this license are a criminal check statement, a valid passport, a proof of address which could be a utility statement, and a certificate to the right of domain.

Apart from these, other documents needed are agreements with the software providers, a detailed list of jurisdictions where the casino plans to operate, and data about all the servers that will be employed. The licensing process is quick in Curacao. So, it just takes 2–4 weeks for someone to get the license. Since the government of Curacao checks all the documents, they should be in the proper order to get the license on time.

This review also informs you about the registration requirements. Fortunately, the registration process at this Bitcoin casino does not ask for personal details and identity-related documents. However, details are required when you make your withdrawals either in cryptocurrency or fiat currency.

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Is Bitstarz safe?

Bitstarz is a safe casino because it uses SSL encryption to transmit all your confidential information to the server. This protects your information from getting hacked at any point of time. Since Bitstarz is a hybrid casino, accepting payments in both fiat currency and Bitcoins, such kind of encryption is necessary to avoid stealing of credit card information and Bitcoin wallet addresses.

Bitstarz is also safe when it comes to withdrawals. For transfers to another country in the world, it only takes around 10 minutes. As there is no third-party involved, the process of withdrawing money and making a minimum deposit can’t be delayed.

In Bitstarz, payments are made in Bitcoins, therefore, you don’t have to worry about your sensitive credit card information landing in the hands of the wrong people.

Two-factor authentication is also a part of the casino games in Bitstarz. This means no one can sign up for your account even if they know the password. A second passphrase is sent to your mobile before you can actually log in besides your login details. Since only you have access to your mobile phone, you can easily log in to this casino.

It is very easy to start the two-factor authentication on your account. Click on “My Account” after logging in. After you have done that, hit ‘Profile Info.’ As you scroll down the page, you see a green button mentioning “Configure Google Authenticator.”

Bitstarz safe

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Click on that and you are ready to go. You will be asked to scan the QR code on the website so that the Google authenticator app on your phone starts generating authenticator codes when you log in to this website. Since a Google authenticator app is needed to generate the code, you will have to download it on your phone.

As per our review, this casino is safe because it employs a provably fair set of algorithms. These algorithms mean that the results of the game are completely fair, and not at all controllable by the casino games operator. For example, in the game of roulette, the Bitstarz casino uses the Mersenne Twister algorithm. It is a pseudo-random number generator algorithm. So, Bitstarz online casino plays fair and comes with rewarding bonus offers.

Payment and withdrawal mechanism

This section of the review will guide you through the payment and withdrawal processes at Bitstarz. It is always advisable to know the terms and conditions of the casino properly before playing. Bitstarz casino offers payments by credit cards also, but a 2.5% commission is charged on them. The credit cards accepted on this site include MasterCard, Visa, and Maestro. You can use Skrill to make such payments. This payment platform can be used to make payments in Euros. However, no credit card information is disclosed when this payment platform is used.

However, although 2.5% commission is charged, 20 Euros is the minimum payment amount. The same commission is charged when payments are made through Bitcoins. There are other Bitcoin payment platforms integrated with this site. You have to make a minimum payment of .0002 Bitcoin to get started. You have to transfer Bitcoins and the mining fees to the Bitcoin wallet address of this online casino site.

Now, why should one opt for Bitcoin payments when one can make payments through credit cards? It is because Bitcoin payments remain anonymous, the transaction details are shared only between the sender (player) and the receiver (the online casino). But while making payments via credit cards, the details of the transaction are shared by the bank and there are also chances that hackers get hold of your credit card details and misuse them.

A slew of games offered

Bitstarz comes with special games like slots and many table games. You can get a detailed look at them through this review. There are hundreds of slot games and table games in Bitstarz casino. Most of these slot games are themed on Greek mythology, pirates, and Egyptian culture and are provably fair.

Wolf Gold game

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Wolf Gold is one of the most popular slot games here. It has 5 reels and 3 positions on each reel, totalling 15 positions. There are 25 defined paylines in this game. There is no end to the massive number of slot games available in Bitstarz casino. You will have an incredible experience playing here. You can also play slot games inspired from the world of dinosaurs known as the Slotsaurus Slot.

Slotsaurus Slot

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This dinosaur-themed slots game can be played in different currencies such as Euros, Bitcoins, Australian dollars, American dollars, Japanese Yen and NewZealand Dollars, only to name a few. In Bitstarz casino, you can also play with Ethereum. You can start playing this game with a minimum deposit of 20 Euros once you opt for the Euros payment option. The game has music from the Jurassic Era and realistic looking dinosaur faces as reel objects. It is a five-reel slots game. It also has winning multipliers of 3,5 and 15 through which you can maximize your winnings.

There is also the Book of Egypt slot game. There are wild and scatter symbols in the slot games in the online casinos. In this game, the Book of Egypt acts as a wild symbol and a scatter symbol. A wild symbol can substitute any other symbol in the game of reels to create a common line of symbols. On the other hand, a scatter symbol brings more bonus rewards which can be free spins.

The more the scatter symbols on the slot, the more will be the payment of rewards. In this slot game, there are 9 pay lines, which implies a different combination of numbers on the reels. In the case of pay lines, players can choose which lines from the leftmost to the right most reel they will place their bet on. If the lines have the numbers or symbols they have betted on, they can easily win the bet amount.

Reel Rush is another slot game which has candies as real objects. You can also opt for Slot Wars in which the top player gets 1,500 Euros. On the whole, there is a winning amount of 5,000 Euros for 40 victorious players of various slot games. The next 110 players are given 5,000 free spins. The best part is that this promotional event Slot Wars is held every week. So, once you are on the top of the leaderboard, you are entitled to these benefits.

You can also play roulette with a live dealer or opt for your version of roulette casino games.

You can play live roulette in the European roulette and the American roulette and play outside bets whether the number is odd or not or vice versa. There is Francophone roulette for those who speak and understand French. And you can also play in Auto-roulette where there is no live dealer and the game is operated by an advanced software. American roulette has two zero slots in the game apart from 36 numbers. American roulette is the most prefered one among players.

Blackjack game

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Blackjack which is one of the table games is also available with a live dealer here. The rules for blackjack are the same and you are paid $3 for every $2 put on a bet by you. A blackjack game pays the winner of the game 150% of his bet amount in the Bitstarz casino along with the original bet amount. That’s why it is written on the casino table that Blackjack pays 3 to 2.

In the game of blackjack, a live dealer draws the 2 cards for you and you win if your total is near 21 or 21. However, the betting amount is different for the different versions of Blackjack. In Blackjack Classic 28, there are 28 games with different betting amounts with a starting amount equal to 1 Euro.

In this popular table game of blackjack in Bitstarz casino, you can play with other players in an online mode just like a real casino. The player is given both the cards face up and the dealer is given one card face down. The dealer only reveals his face down card once all the players have revealed their cards and none of them has got a total of 21. The event of a player’s cards’ total exceeding 21 is known as “bust’.

In the event, a player in a Bitstarz casino needs another card beside his two cards, it is known as a “hit”. However, a dealer cannot get a third card, when his total is seventeen or more than it. But in the blackjack game when his total is 16 or less than it, he can draw cards. The insurance bet is an important part of table games like blackjack because it protects the player. They get twice the money they bet on the insurance along with the insurance bet. However, this bet is placed in blackjack, when the player realizes that the dealer’s face-up card is an ace, so depending on the jokers, queens, kings, and tens cards left in the deck, how much probability the dealer has for a blackjack.

Card counting of this sort is impossible when the casino is using 8 decks of cards. However, the player loses his bet money when the dealer has not got a blackjack.

You can also enjoy the game of Baccarat Squeeze which only has a starting betting amount of 5 Euros. The game of baccarat is played for the two sides of banker and the player. The bettor has to bet on one of the sides. When the bettor gets a total of 8 or 9, he wins the game, otherwise with the same total, a banker wins the game.

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In this game, all the cards from J,F,K have a value of 0. Even 10 has a value of 0. Only the cards from A-9 are valued at their face values. Two cards are placed on each of the sides of the banker and the player by a live dealer.

The game of Baccarat is exciting because two cards decide your fate in the game.

In Baccarat Squeeze, there is a special way of revealing one face down card. It’s folded along the long edge and then slowly it is turned face up.

Bitstarz also has another version of poker called Three cards Poker. This game is quite simple yet provides fun based play. In this Bitstarz game, three cards are given to the dealer and the player each.

You can win once you have three cards in an order known as a “Straight”. This happens when you get three numbers in a row such as 7,8 and 9. There are also other winning combinations like “Three of a Kind’’ which includes three cards which have the same number. A “Flush” refers to three cards bearing the same suit.

Similarly, “Two of a Kind,’ refers to two cards bearing the same number. A straight Flush refers to three cards having the same suit and in order also. A High Card is also the winning combination in the game of Three Cards poker because in it, cards have different numbers and are not successive and none of the cards form a pair of the same suit.

You can bet against the dealer and win in the Bitstarz casino game if you have any one of these combinations. In the Bitstarz, Three card poker, all these winning combinations are ranked in order. For example, a player with a Straight flush wins over someone who has got a Three of a Kind. The High Order winning combination ranks the lowest. In Bitstarz casino, you can play a Three Card poker game with a 1 Euro betting amount.

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Bonuses and Promotions

The Bitstarz casino has all the rights reserved to deposit bonus amounts paid and you should go through the bonus terms and conditions carefully.

This casino offers 20 free spins to the players when they register here. It is a no deposit bonus. You can get 20 free spins by just adding your name and country details. So, register on this site and get 20 free spins.

However, as a bonus offer, they can play with these 20 free spins, but their winning amount will be restricted. They will only be paid 100 Euros won with free spins, the rest of the amount will not be given to them. For any amount you have earned as a no deposit bonus, you have to follow a betting requirement of 40 times.

Even after complying with the betting requirements, you have to transfer 20 Euros into the account to take a pay-out of the money earned through no deposit bonuses. To collect the amount won through these spins, you have to submit some essential documents like an identity document verified by the government. Unfortunately, India is one of the restricted countries to no deposit free spins.

A reload bonus is also offered in the casino games by Bitstarz. When the player makes the first deposit on Monday, he gets a bonus of 50% of his deposit, subject to a maximum of 300 Euros. This is a kind of a welcome bonus.

Last Man Standing is a great tournament of Bitstarz casino, in which one has to bet 20 Euros each day on slot games. This tournament has been open since February 26, 2019. Anyone who fails to make the deposit will be out of the tournament. 5,000 Euros will be paid for the prize money. This way you play for real money in this game.

The withdrawal of the money can be done from a Bitstarz account without paying any fees. The real money deposited into a Bitstarz account shows within a short time span of 5 minutes.

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Free spins with a deposit

The welcome bonus offered by Bitstarz is truly enviable. You can get a welcome bonus of 180 free spins in Bitstarz casino once you have deposited 20 Euros.

Make sure that you use these spins within a day of their credit, otherwise, they will expire. These bonus offers are time specific. The free spins are given to you consecutively on days, and it takes 9 days for you to get them in Bitstarz casino. Apart from the 180 free spins, there are also free spins reserved for special days. In Bitstarz casino, you can win 200 free spins on any Wednesday with a deposit of 160 Euros. This promotion is known as Free Spins Wednesday.

Bonus amounts with a deposit

When 20 Euros is the first deposit amount, you have the chance to win 1 BTC as a bonus. You can get a 100% deposit amount match bonus subject to a maximum of 100 Euros or 1 BTC. On the second deposit, you get a 50% deposit amount match bonus again subject to a maximum of 100 Euros.

On your third deposit, Bitstarz casino is even more generous and you can get a 200% deposit amount match bonus subject to a maximum of 200 Euros. On the fourth deposit, you can earn a 100% match bonus again subject to a ceiling of 100 Euros. Thus, in totality, you can earn a bonus of upto 500 Euros by making 4 deposits.

So, you can get 500 Euros with the various deposit amounts in Bitstarz casino.

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How do I delete my Bitstarz account?

It’s easy to delete a Bitstarz account. You just have to write an email to the email address support@bitstarz.com mentioning the reason why you want to remove your account.

Bitstarz has an excellent customer support facility. The Help option is given on every page. You can click on that and be redirected to the Live Chat facility. You can also be redirected to the FAQs. It is quite beneficial to contact Bitstarz support agents when you want to resolve your problems related to the casino. It is because they have an experience of at least 3 years.

You can also drop an email to the email address support@Bitstarz.com to get action on your complaint.

The customer support of this site is also excellent. You don’t have to keep the phone on hold to talk to a customer service agent even though the network to this online casino site might be quite busy.

The customer service department is very prompt. The live chat facility is available 24/7 for players. Bitstarz’s live chat facility is rated as the best among its peers. Players are also relieved that in case they need any help there is the live customer support team at their disposal.

You also don’t need to get bothered about paying the high fees required for making the call, because they are borne by the casino site itself. So, hoping this review has helped you learn more about Bitstarz casino.

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What is the best online casino?

In the wide array of online casinos available, Bitstarz definitely has managed to make its mark. Bitstarz has some distinctive characteristics which make it stand ahead of its peers.

Bitstarz started its operations in 2014 and was recognized as the best casino by AskGamblers in 2017. It allows easy deposits and withdrawals of money; you can get a bank transfer to your account, within 1–3 banking days.

Bitstarz games are engaging, load quickly without making the players wait. Bitstarz has collaborated with the most powerful gaming software providers in the world to provide customers with incredible gaming experiences. It has NetEnt as a gaming provider which is behind its slot games like King of Slots. That’s why slot games are available in large numbers here based on eclectic themes.

There are almost 100s of games provided by NetEnt in this casino. And all the fans of the NetEnt gaming providers must visit this site. There are very interesting slot games provided by NetEnt. These slot games include Starburst, The Invisible Man, and Guns ‘N Roses, to name a few. However, some of the games of NetEnt are not shown to players from restricted countries. In this review, you have learned about what kinds of slots are offered at the Bitstarz casino.

Apart from NetEnt, there are also other gaming software providers like Endorphina, SoftSwiss, and Betsoft. Due to these software providers, the quality of games of this online casino site is world-class and there are almost 2,400 games available. Bitstarz is considered as one of the best Bitcoin casinos because of the excellent backend software used by it.

Hence, if NetEnt’s titles are not available for play in your country, then you can try playing games from Betsoft. These are also visually appealing games. Some of the slot games from this company are Mamma Mia, Aztec Treasures, and Viking Age.

The game Mamma Mia is also a fascinating game based on an Italian cook. The game has graphics like the cook cooking throughout the game. There are also progressive slot games on this website including Mega Fortune, Mega Gems, and Treasure Room. These progressive jackpot games increase the jackpot for every time you bet on the game. You can also opt for a simpler version of the slots game called Winning Wizards. It only has 5 pay lines and no wild and scatter symbols.

There are games with different themes here. One of the most famous games is Fire and Steel which is inspired by the “The Game of Thrones”. The best part is that all these games have a matching background score as per the theme.

You can also customize the sound of the game by controlling the volume. There is no need to download any kind of software to download these games. Players can play slots or join the live-action games of blackjack, poker, and roulette where a dealer is guiding you. The best part is that since you can watch the live-action game before playing it, there is a load to learn.

The Bitstarz user interface has been designed by SoftSwiss due to which the website is very fast. The graphics of the various games are enviable. Talking about the user interface, it’s modern and smart due to which new players have no problem navigating through it. There is a “search” section through which you can search for the games you want to play. There is a leaderboard on the website displaying the top players.

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SoftSwiss is easily able to add all the leading gaming providers to the website.

One of the most important parts of the Bitstarz casino is that you can have a look at various games without depositing money because of free spins offered by this casino. This makes you understand the concept of games before starting to play them first. You just need to register on the website for this purpose.

Bitstarz also offers attractive bonus offers from time to time. Players can enjoy live casino experience through a mobile phone also. The games look better on the mobile phone and are as easy to play as on a website.

The best part about the Bitstarz casino which sets it apart from all the casinos is that once you think you have become addicted to gambling, this casino site helps you control it. This sets it apart from all the online casinos out there.

You can easily set “Gambling Limits” for yourself. You can specify wager limits, loss limits, and Deposit limits for yourself. You are informed when any of these limits are met through an email notification. It takes a week for the limit set by you to become active.

Although the Bitstarz offers a lot of deposit bonuses, they are distributed over many deposits and not given on the initial deposit only. The welcome bonus is however very popular among the community. Players strive to avail this bonus and therefore, the number of players are increasing day by day. The games in the Live Casino section consisted of Asian dealers. That’s why they are so popular among the clientele.

The site is available in different languages like Japanese, Chinese, and English, you can play on the site as per your language preference. You can easily change the language of the site and start playing games in your own language.

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The reviews on Bitstarz highlight that it is one of those popular casinos which allow players to have a look at various games without depositing money as it offers free spins.

Bitstarz also offers terms and conditions which are very user friendly. This allows players to understand the concept of games before starting to play them. The deposit bonus offerings are also great and allow players to win big.